Taking joy in culture

It is a great experience to feel how prejudice fades, when relationships are developed. Again and again, we have been especially blessed with this through friendly curiosity or a simple smile; through an invitation or surprising encounter.
Therefore we wish to do away with the language, cultural and social barriers which exist and make intercultural learning possible for all. In short: We want to advocate taking delight in diversity and the cultural wealth, which this world and every person offers.

We have learned through experience that one can learn much through meeting with people, which can never be learned from a book. Through this learning, we arrived at the idea to start this part of the youth campaign the Kultur-Glücksprinzip (Taking Joy in Culture), which aims at bringing people from different cultures together with the hope that one or another will succeed in creating meaningful discourse with the other.

We are excited for you to have your cross-cultural experiences and we would love to hear to from you and your adventures

The goal of the Kultur-Glücksprinzip (Taking Joy in Culture) is to pay it forward, with happiness and a small card which are given from person to person to create as many interactions as possible.

The whole project gets started when someone fills out the card and then comes in contact with someone, perhaps someone from a different culture.
After you have a cup of coffee together or learn a new word in a new language, the card gets passed on, to inspire them to do the same. This person moves on, meets the next person and gifts him or her their time and the card; to continue on the cycle.

With this, the cards are travelling further and further and maybe one has already landed in your hands!