Welcome to Tour4life !

Journeys on a tandem cycle with changing partners and the aim of creating a positive social and ecological impact. The very basic for peace is communication and understanding. From June 2015 to July 2016 Patrick Kaiser cycled from Germany to the tip point of India (meeting plenty of people on the 13000km way through 16 countries). Since 01.01.2017 Stefan Roller is on the Tour4life Africa Edition from Kapstadt to Addis Abeba.

To see the latest news go directly to: https://www.facebook.com/tour4life.de (a public page, so no login ıs required)




The basic of good human relations is communication on equal footing and the openess to share good ideas to make this earth together a place to be proud of.

The "Tour4life“ supports good initiatives and ideas, which are trying to bring  about social and ecological transformation. One example is the tandem cycling tour from Germany to India with changing partners (priority for disabled people).

The Tour4life is about intercultural dialog and circular economy as basic for peace. It is an open initiative trying to contribute to the solution of ressource conflicts and missunderstandings.


Tour4life reaches out to the various sections of the societies and cultures and is trying to connect people and spread ideas in all the places cycled and beyond. Different activities (e.g. Taking joy in culture) are strengthening intercultural dialog and the collection of inspiring concepts can empower new ways of doing things. By supporting other practical partner project the Tour4life is contributing to change in many fields.


Patrick Kaiser: To find out who we are and what our heart is beating for is a great task in our lifes. I often wonder about this question and am very thankful how good life was to me so far. I was born and grew up in the South of Germany near the Lake of Constance and enjoyed thanks to my parents a beautiful well protected childhood in  the small city of Tettnang. There I was lucky to get a good basic education within my 13 years of school and led a peaceful life with my younger brother and sister and my parents.